Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Catch and shoot better in lacrosse.

How to Catch and Shoot lacrosse.

To shoot lacrosse balls, hands should be 12 to 13 inches apart on the lacrosse stick with one hand on the butt end. Catch the ball and then turn so that you are sideways, your front foot facing the goal. This position allows you to use you’re your body to throw the ball and protect the ball while you shoot.
You should assume an athletic position with your knees bent shoulder width apart. Bring your stick back so that you can have more room to throw the ball when you shoot. Pull the head of your stick behind your head and this should bring your front shoulder almost to your chin.
Start making your way towards the goal by taking a few steps towards the goal. Start to shoot in lacrosse with your hips, then with your waist, then your shoulders, than with stick. Release the ball and follow through with your stick.

How to shoot a lacrosse ball harder.

When getting ready to shoot, slide your higher hand lower towards the bottom of the stick. The bottom hand should be at the end of the stick. Pull through the bottom of the stick and push from down from the top at the same time. This should allow you maximum leverage and maximum speed and allow you to shoot a lacrosse ball even harder.